Features of a Customized Shot Ski

08 Mar

Shot ski involves getting an old ski and gluing three, four or five glasses.  A ski is a bar mainly made of metal which is attached to each foot of a skier so as to glide on snow. These glasses are placed equidistantly allowing the participants to take a shot together.  Sot skiing is an event mostly done during the cold and wet seasons. When winter falls, people prefer staying in the winter resorts. Social drinking vessels are created so as to make use of the old skis.  These vessels enable the people who are afraid to take shots alone, take the shot ski and take the shots up to the last drop together.  The drinks pour on the faces of the drinkers if they are unable to finish their drinks.  Below are characteristics of a customized shot ski. You can buy a shot ski here!

Customized shot ski contains writings and decorations. An old ski is unattractive since the paint and surface color has already started coming out.  Rust is also common in the old skis. So as to make the old ski become more attractive, paints and finishes are applied to the surfaces. Messages and names of the family members are also written on the bottom and top sides so that each member is able to identify his or her glass.  This feature attracts even the people who have fear of shot skiing. Visit website here!

Glasses which hold liquids during shot skiing are firmly attached to the skis. To avoid the glasses from being detached from the surface of the ski, a strong adhesive or glue is used.  The adhesive must also be waterproof since the shot skiing is common in the cold and wet weathers.  Gorilla glue is always the best.  After carrying out all the other procedures, gluing of the glasses is then done. For good results, plenty of time must be given so that that adhesive used in the attaching of the glasses strongly dries up.

The glasses on the ski are equidistantly attached.  A shot ski normally hold three to five glasses.  In order to provide each person with enough space, the glasses must be equidistantly placed.  Customized shot ski to be used by the fat people have bigger distances between the glasses. The glasses are also attached at the middle of the ski's width. Visit this website at https://www.encyclopedia.com/sports-and-everyday-life/sports/sports/water-skiing and know more about Ski.

The shot ski must be dipped or sealed with a clear spray.  The use of the spray is don lastly. It prevents the drinks from reacting with the ski. The use of clear spray also ensures the ski maintains its appearance.

These are the features and the procedure of making a customized shot ski.

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